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Ingathering – September 10th!

This worship is open to ALL middle and high school youth.

GIF by Faith Holland

Hey, UU youth!

You’re invited to come and enjoy youth worship! The theme of our first worship this church year, chosen by our youth last spring, is cats! What is it about cats that fascinates us? What can we learn about spirituality from cats? And if cats always land on their feet, and toast always lands butter side down, what happens if you strap buttered toast to a cat and drop it? (Spoiler alert: HOVERCAT?!?!?) Also, if you’ve got a cat – or even better, many – bring them with you to introduce!

We’ll also choose a new name for our group. (“The Mountain Top/CO UUs for Racial Justice/UU Justice Ministry of California’s youth worship” is accurate, but not very catchy and kind of a mouthful…)

Register by September 3! And in the meantime, listen to our TMT/UURJ youth playlist, and maybe add a tune!

What to Expect

UU youth have a tradition and culture of lively, quirky, interactive, and heartfelt worship. Rather than just sit and watch, we’ll check in, play games and do activities, and have discussions to get to know one another and talk about the topics that are important to YOU.


  • To celebrate our youth and provide a space to create community
  • To continue to develop the relationships of peer support that our youth have begun to form at camps and cons
  • To provide the inter-congregational, spiritually supportive, community-building space for youth that they’ve been missing
  • To have conversations about white supremacy culture, racism, and childism with youth to parallel what is happening in adult TMT/UURJ space and model new, anti-racist culture and ways of being together
  • To have conversations about how youth would like to experience belonging and engagement in their congregations.  When we have a handle on the experiences and feelings of the youth, we will eventually be having conversations with the adults on youth belonging in congregations, too.

Sponsored and Supported By …

The MountainTop UU
Colorado UU’s United for Racial Justice
UU Justice Ministry of California
Pacific Western Region