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The Mountain Top is a space that centers BIPOC voices and experiences. White allies interface with our BIPOC community members to best witness to their stories, but are never the center of the conversation.

2023 – We covenant to …

  • Recognize the diversity of identities and experiences of people of color
  • Honor our own and others’ identities and lived experiences
  • Respect each person’s agency to self-determine and set their own boundaries
  • Listen deeply to one another and speak our own truth bravely
  • Prioritize the health of the community and its members when conflict inevitably occurs, using restorative practices

2020 – We covenant to …

  • Honor our own and others’ lived experience
  • Honor our own and others’ identity
    • To recognize the diversity of BIPoC identity and experience
    • To use people’s correct pronouns
  • Listen deeply to one another and to speak our own truth bravely
  • Hold accountable space for white family members, who are guests in this conversation because of their proximity to BIPoC experience through their loved ones, but whose stories and voices are not the center of this conversation, and will be accompanied by BIPoC family in this space

If you would like to make a commitment to The Mountain Top, anti-racism, and centering BIPoC voices and lives. Please join by becoming covenantal community member.