Reaching Deeper: Building Relationships at the Speed of Trust – Schedule

June 4th -6th 2021

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There is a little pre-work for this weekend, if you are so inclined. Please familiarize yourself with the following short articles ahead of our time together Saturday:

White Supremacy Culture, by Tema Okun
An Indigenous Feminist approach to facilitating academic Q&A, by Eve Tuck

June 4:

6:00pm: Welcome
6:15pm: Opening Worship: dinner church! Please have something to eat and drink on hand (however large or small you want)
6:45pm: Covenanting
7:00pm: Break
7:15pm: Relationship Building
8:45pm: Blessing

June 5:

10:00am: Experiential Learning
12:00pm: Break
1:00pm: Full group processing
2:15pm: Break
2:30pm: Relationships and Cultural Change – Panel Discussion
4:00pm: Break

6:00pm: Vespers with Keith Arnold
7:00pm: Bonus! Social Time
9:00pm: Blessing

June 6:

10:00 am: Inter-congregational Worship Service
12:00pm – 1:30pm: Taking It Home: Discussion and Next Steps