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Celebrating Earth Day 2024

“We cultivate a spirit of gratitude and hope. We covenant to freely and compassionately share our faith, presence, and resources. Our generosity connects us to one another in relationships of
interdependence and mutuality.”

UUA Article II Commission (Proposal)
Full Community CelebrationTheme: Love as Generosity
Speaker: Rev Gordon Clay Bailey, Pastor AJ Blackwood

**The Sunday Experience**
4:30 pm PT – Welcome and Hospitality
5:00 pm PT – Evening Service (ZOOM Opens)
6:00 pm PT – Refreshments
6:30 pm PT – Continuing Conversations

SepulvedaUU Sanctuary
**Center for Spiritual Living**
17622 Chatsworth St
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Join us every 3rd Sunday of the month for a Full Community Celebration with SepulvedaUU and UUs for Racial Justice.

April 22 is the day we celebrate the Earth. Unitarian Universalism’s seventh principle, “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part,” makes this a day to celebrate religiously. In fact, I’d dare say we should be honoring, caring for, and celebrating Mother Earth all of the days of our lives. Let’s gather together to talk about the ways we can do our part as a congregation and as individuals. If you can, how about bringing seeds, a plant, or something of the Earth to share with one another or with the community beyond our small but mighty community?

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All are welcome! This is a “Full Community Celebration” with SepulvedaUU and UUs for Racial Justice.

Community Celebrations (worship) are different each Sunday, but we always have music, an extended check-in and discussion because we believe our lives and experiences as BIPOC folks are sacred texts. We generally stay together for 2 1/2 hours, but you are welcome to stay for as long or as short a time as suits you.

After the Service. we will be hosting an extended checkin and discussion space with breakout rooms for our BIPOC (and family) and White Siblings to share what is important in our lives with the community.

Sometimes we have a large crowd and sometimes just a few folks, but we are committed to always holding this space for anyone who may wish to join us.

We hope to see you soon!