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Uplifting Wholeness

“We declare that every person has the right to flourish with inherent dignity and worthiness. We covenant to use our time, wisdom, attention, and money to build and sustain fully accessible and inclusive communities.”

UUA Article II Commission (Proposal)
Community GatheringTheme: Love as Equity
Facilitator: Nicole Thibadeaux
6:00pm MTZOOM

With a backdrop of “Love as Equity,” we continue with our year long “Love as …” series centering on the UUA Bylaws Article II Proposal and asking what it means to hold “Love as Equity” continuing conversation and reflecting on Pastor AJ’s proposal that equity resides in finding and serving the wholeness of those around us and Rev Gordon’s focus on shared ministry as the way forward.

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This is a BIPOC Only space. If you’re a white ally, feel free to pass this invitation along to your BIPOC friends.

Community Gatherings are conversations about the theme for the month, as well as other topics pertaining to BIPOC folks. We generally stay together for 2 1/2 hours, but you are welcome to stay for as long or as short a time as suits you.

We always have an extended check-in and everyone will have the opportunity to share what is important in our lives with the community because we believe our lives and experiences as BIPOC folks are sacred texts followed by a discussion.

Sometimes we have a large crowd and sometimes just a few folks, but we are committed to always holding this space for anyone who may wish to join us.

We hope to see you soon!