Regularly Scheduled Events

If you have not yet been to a community event, we want to make it simple for you to get connected! The Mountain Top offers two monthly spaces which are open to all UU Black, Indigenous, People of Color and mixed-race/multi-racial folx. On Second Sundays of each month, we hold Community Worship at 6:30 PM Mountain Time. This is a time to hold authentic, ritualized space for spiritual nourishment and transformation. On Fourth Sundays, we hold Community Gathering, also at 6:30 Mountain Time, which is an informal time for sharing as well as conversation about the community and any “business” questions that might arise.

What can you expect when you drop into one of our spaces? Regardless of whether you attend Community Worship or Community Gathering, you can expect some music and prayer to center us and orient our time together towards our mission of wholeness in community. You can also expect an extended check-in time for everyone (visitors and newcomers included) to share the things they are carrying into our space from their lives. You can also expect an open time for general discussion and fellowship, because we believe that authentic relationship is the foundation of community.

If you attend Community Worship, you can expect an experience more congregational UU worship, with ritual elements such as song, dance, readings (although we believe that academia is not itself a way to spirituality) and stories. We may share news or ask for community consent in urgent decision-making, but we will avoid doing the “business” of the community in these spaces.

If you attend Community Gathering, you can expect fewer ritual elements, such as opening prayer and music, a Chalice Lighting and a closing prayer. The time will mostly be dedicated to open discussion, and we may bring up questions about leadership, programming and other community decisions at hand.

We do not post end times for our spaces because we believe that relationship cannot be quantified or commodified, and so cannot be boxed into a fixed block of time. We will continue to hold the space until everyone feels satisfied or until Zoom fatigue sets in. Some gatherings have lasted over 4 hours, while others have ended at just over an hour. You are always welcome and encouraged to honor the needs of your mind, body and spirit. Eat food, take breaks, step away from your device, turn off your camera, sit, stand, lay down and do whatever you need to be comfortable and present. If at any time, you feel your mind, body or spirit is tired, you may leave with a heartfelt invitation to return often.

For more information about events, check out our calendar, visit us on Facebook or contact Jen Simon, TMT Minister.


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